About NutriSTEP® and Toddler NutriSTEP®

The questions used in this survey come from the NutriSTEP® questionnaires. The original NutriSTEP® questionnaire was developed in 2008 for preschoolers, 3-5 years of age. NutriSTEP® stands for Nutrition Screening Tool for Every Preschooler. In 2012, the Toddler NutriSTEP® for children 18-35 months of age was developed. Both questionnaires are parent-administered 17-item screening questionnaires that are valid and reliable and can differentiate between toddlers and preschoolers who are at nutrition risk and those who are not. These questionnaires are used in a variety of settings across Canada by provincial governments, public health offices, dietitians in Family Health Teams and community health offices, and physicians.

The originators of the questionnaires are Joanne Beyers (Sudbury & District Health Unit), Lee Rysdale (Consultant), Heather Keller (University of Waterloo), and Janis Randall Simpson (University of Guelph). NutriSTEP® is the copyright of the Sudbury & District Health Unit, Janis Randall Simpson and Heather Keller. Toddler NutriSTEP® is the copyright of Janis Randall Simpson, Lee Rysdale and Heather Keller.
The NutriSTEP® mark and Bear Logo are owned by the Sudbury & District Health Unit. (Ontario).

For more information on NutriSTEP®, please go to To obtain a licence for use of the questionnaires, please go to (preschool) or (toddler).

About Nutri-eSTEP
Nutri-eSTEP is an adaptation of the NutriSTEP® questionnaires designed as electronic applications to accommodate direct use by individual parents/caregivers of toddlers and preschoolers.
Funding has been provided by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to build and test this site. Dietitians of Canada has worked with the Advisory Group to provide this Nutri-eSTEP web feature area that provides increased access to the NutriSTEP® questionnaires and supporting links to nutrition education materials and community services.
This web feature was developed based on feedback from key informant interviews with diverse parents/caregivers of toddlers and preschoolers, as well as guidance from parent and dietitian advisors, and approximately 50 parent/caregiver test site users.


Thanks to the Advisory Group for their guidance and leadership
Farah Bandali, Alberta Health Services, AB
Joanne Beyers, Sudbury & District Health Unit, ON
Helen Haresign, Dietitians of Canada
Gerry Kasten, Vancouver Coastal Health, BC
Heather Keller, University of Waterloo, ON
Christine Mehling, EatRight Ontario
Marie Marquis, Université de Montréal, Québec
Janis Randall Simpson, University of Guelph, ON
Lee Rysdale, Sudbury, ON
Mary Turfryer, York Region Community and Health Services, ON
Margaret Yandel, BC Ministry of Health

Thanks to the registered dietitian who drafted Feedback messages
Amy O'Connor, Toronto, ON

Thanks to students who helped with the feedback messages, finding resources and parent testing
Bianca Carducci, Brampton, ON
Maria Reesor, Guelph, ON
Holly-Anne Scott, Guelph, ON
Tracy Morris, Toronto, ON

Thanks to the Parent Advisory Group for their input and guidance on content and design
Amanda Babineau-Taylor, Guelph ON
Bethany Beaudoin, Sudbury ON
Melissa Brûlé, Sudbury ON
Monica Galleani-Albrecht, Waterloo ON
Shauna Porter, Guelph ON
Kimberlee Rizun-Glynn, Brampton ON
Rebecca Thibodeau-Perry, Sudbury ON
Laura Turner, New Hamburg, ON
Jessica Wood, Guelph ON
Jackie Weng, Guelph ON

This project was funded by a Knowledge Translation Supplement by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.